Get Connected

Flos Clam Shack Rhode IslandRhode Island is generally a pretty good place to live. We’ve got miles of beautiful beaches, some fantastic bike paths, PPAC, a thriving downtown, the RISD Art Museum, Providence Place Mall, and great restaurants. Did you know that Rhode Island has the largest gay bowling league in the entire United States? What’s that all about?

In general, Rhode Island is also a pretty accepting place to live for gay/bisexual men — hey, the Speaker of the RI House and one of U.S. Congressmen are out and proud! That pretty much makes Rhode Island very unique.

So how does a gay guy take full advantage of what Rhode Island has to offer, as well enjoy all this stuff either on his own, with friends, and/or with a boyfriend?

Gay CoupleDepending on what you are looking for, this section is designed to help you get connected to the social/outdoor activities, volunteer opportunities, spiritual groups, and other stuff. If you are looking to make friends or find a boyfriend, there’s a way to get advice from gay guys who have suggestions and tips.

For a quick look at what’s going on, click here for a calendar of events and activities.