How do I know if I am gay?

Only you can answer that question. But don’t feel alone. Some people know from early childhood if they are gay. For others, their attraction to the same sex and for the opposite sex evolves during their lives. Here is a link that provides some basic information and questions that may help you answer the question.

Can you give me some practical advice about hooking up with guys through the Internet, bars, bathhouses, and other public places?

Hooking up can have its risks and dangers. Check out this website for some good advice.



I’m going through puberty and have lots of questions about my body and sex. Can you recommend a good website?

Yes, check out govteen.com for some helpful information for guys going through puberty.  Make sure you read the section entitled “The Things They Don’t Tell You at School.”

Have any young guys in Rhode Island gotten HIV?

Yes. HIV has been reported in teenage men and guys in their 20’s.

Can you tell if someone has HIV by looking at him?

No. People who have HIV often have no symptoms.

If I want to get an HIV test, do I need my permission from my parents?

No. Anyone over age 13 in Rhode Island can get an HIV test without parent’s permission. This is true for getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy tests.

Where can I get free condoms?

Contact Jim Huseman, Jim@aidsprojectri.org, to find out where you can get free condoms.

How can I find out if my school has resources and support for gay students?

Give a call to Youth Pride, Inc., http://www.youthprideri.org/ and they can help you find out about resources in your school or nearby. This can include information on Gay/Straight Alliances, as well as teachers who you can talk to.

I think I am gay and I think about killing myself sometimes. Is there someone I can talk to?

Yes, contact Youth Pride, Inc., http://www.youthprideri.org/. If you are in crisis, you should have a family member or friend bring you to a hospital emergency room. If possible, the best option for you is to talk about these feelings with your parents or doctor.

I am a young gay man and I am struggling with my religion because of the church’s attitude towards homosexuality. Any advice?

Many GLBTQ people, regardless of their age, sometimes struggle with their church’s views towards homosexuality. Importantly, some churches are very welcoming of the GLBTQ community. You would benefit from talking to a trusted adult about your feelings, as well as learning about churches that are inclusive.

I am gay and want to come out to my parents but need help doing it. Can you help?

Coming out to your parents and other family members takes some preparation. Check out this website for some good advice on coming out.

I get bullied at school because I am gay. What can I do about it?

It is your right to go to school in a safe environment. Being bullied can mean a lot of things, including being called names and physical threats. You have a few options, depending on your situation. You can talk to a teacher, guidance counselor, or even the principal. You should also let your parents know so that they can advocate for you. If you need help or additional support, call Youth Pride Inc.